Scientists of the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK)+ and the Georg-Speyer-Haus at Goethe University Frankfurt have discovered an intestinal tumor-specific molecular response chain triggered by the Wnt signalling pathway. For their work, the researchers used so-called intestinal organoids - mini intestines that they had developed from human intestinal tissue.

Scientists from the Department of Neuropathology at the University Hospital Regensburg led by Professor Markus Riemenschneider have developed tumour disease models in the form of organoids in the Petri dish. The  cells derived from tumour cells of patients. The researchers want to use this model to investigate the interaction between healthy cells and tumour cells in more detail and test new therapeutic methods.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. headquartered in Washington DC is suing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because - according to the company - of the demand for a conduction of unnecessary drug tests on dogs.

Many people believe that so-called heaters, which only heats nicotine, are not so harmful to health and switch to the new system. A new study from Australian and Indian researchers using lung cell cultures showed that the new smoking alternative is by no means harmless.

JRC: ECVAM Status Report 2018 launched

Friday, 08 February 2019 14:21

The European Union's reference laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL ECVAM) has published its annual status report for 2018. It provides information on developments, validations and regulatory acceptance of alternatives to animal testing in 2018.

Together with other American and Scottish scientists, researchers from the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) in Baltimore have developed a brain tumor model in the Petri dish. It will be used for drug tests to combat harmful glioblastomas whose chances of cure are low. The new in vitro model paves the way for the faster development of new treatments based on personalized medicine.

Using donor tissue, British scientists have found out that inflammatory messengers from the fatty tissue (adipokines) are responsible for the loss of skeletal muscle mass with increasing age.

The European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing will be held at the University of Linz, Austria, on August 25-28.

The Tagesspiegel online reports today about the aims of the new Berlin campus "Der Simulierte Mensch". One focus will be the development of new immunotherapies for cancer.

The European Pharmacopeia Commission has decided to replace the histamine sensitisation test (HIST) with mice using a cell cluster assay to test residual pertussis pathogens in vaccines. The new assay will be used from the beginning of the next year.

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