Wednesday, 20 July 2011 19:06

Switzerland: cardiopulmonary simulator replaces animal experiments Featured

A development team at the nanomedical centre of the private non-profit company CSEM in Landquart, Switzerland, in collaboration with the Landquart company Fuchs Engineering GmbH, has developed a high-tech apparatus called “TestChest”. The apparatus allows simulations of unprecedented consistency and diversity for use in the field of cardiac and pulmonary medical training, and provides a replacement method for animal tests.

The apparatus is a simulator capable of emulating the extremely complex functions of the human lung and the interactions between the heart and the lungs.  According to Mario Fuchs, CEO of Organis GmbH, the start-up company founded to manage world-wide distribution, the simulator can be put to use in training for all possible acute (emergency) or chronic disorders. Until now, medical training has involved the use of test animals, so this means that this new method can be used to replace tests on animals and improve the quality of training.

“TestChest” from Organis GmbH opens up spectacular possibilities and an almost unlimited field of application in medical training. Most diseases and injuries suffered by patients can be programmed on the realistic simulator, such as lung damage resulting from accidents, respiratory distress or chronic lung diseases.

The device is currently in the testing stage.