Friday, 15 September 2023 09:44

European Union: Human Brain Project finished Featured

On September 12, the ten-year funding period of the European flagship project Human Brain Project (HBP) came to an end with a two-day scientific closing event held at the German Research Center Jülich.

The Human Brain Project has benefited not only cutting-edge neuroscience, but also artificial intelligence. Among other things, it has enabled the development of new methods for looking into the brain and states of consciousness, a digital brain atlas has been created, and personalized epilepsy models have been developed. Furthermore, Deep Learning programs inspired by the brain have been linked to biomimetic robots and more powerful algorithms modeled on the brain have been developed.

With 155 collaborating institutions from 19 countries and a total budget of €607 million, it was one of the most significant European projects in recent times.

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