Friday, 23 June 2023 12:31

Bayer manager outlines steps to phase out animal testing Featured

Dr. Eckhard von Kreutz, former senior vice president and head of translational sciences at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, recently described on the LinkedIN platform eight steps necessary to completely replace animal testing.

Politically, as well as scientifically and socially, everyone would have to agree that the phase-out of animal experimentation is worth striving for and should therefore be pursued. Legal obstacles that hamper the development and use of animal-free methods must be removed. In addition, development and validation of NAMs would need to be supported with substantial resources, and this would require international and open-access collaboration and all stakeholders. A "process" would need to immediately stop non-meaningful animal testing and gradually replace NAMs with animal testing. This would require leadership and commitment, he said. Discussions between industry and regulators should lead to consideration of NAMs in chemical regulation.