Tuesday, 09 May 2023 12:09

Basel: Roche opens new institute to advance human model systems research Featured

The Swiss company Roche announced on May 4 the establishment of the Institute of Human Biology (IHB), which will focus on advancing research in human model systems such as organoids.

Through the use of human model systems, the institute aims to accelerate drug discovery and development by improving the understanding of how organs function and how disease develops.

"Human model systems like organoids are the future of our industry. They have the potential to improve nearly every step in the research and development of an innovative drug. The IHB will address long-standing and pressing challenges in drug discovery and development, with the goal of bringing more effective and safer medicines to patients faster," said Prof. Hans Clevers, M.D., head of Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED) at Roche and a pioneer in the field of organoids, in a recent press release.

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