Friday, 17 June 2022 17:38

AlveoliX wins the Swiss Medtech Award 2022 Featured

The start-up AlveoliX, based in Bern, has been honored with this year's Swiss Medtech Award for its development of a miniature lung on a chip.

The lung model is made of human tissue and is also capable of performing respiratory movements. The model has the potential to replace animal testing in drug development as well as make a significant contribution to personalized medicine and save costs.

AlveoliX is already working with large pharmaceutical companies using this technology in drug development.

In 2017, AlveoliX introduced a lung-on-a-chip array in a multi-well plate format that can be used for high-throughput testing. The chip consists of 12 individual lung-on-a-chips.

The prize money is 75,000 Swiss francs (equivalent to about 73,121 euros).