Wednesday, 05 April 2023 11:05

Optics company invests in 3D cell culture research Featured

Carl Zeiss stock corporation is investing in the life science start-up InSphero, based in Schlieren, Switzerland, to further advance the use of 3D microtissues in research and drug development.

For this purpose, InSphero AG, a specialist in the field of 3D spheroids and cell-based assays for pharmaceutical drug discovery and safety testing, has received an eight-figure amount in its latest round of financing, according to a recent press release on the matter.

Insphero is a private company founded in 2009 with its headquarters in Schlieren, Switzerland. The company has also a U.S. subsidiary in Brunswick, Maine, USA. The business is focused on manufacturing 3D cell culture models and organ chips that mimic human biology.

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