Thursday, 25 July 2019 09:42

EPSC: New line of stem cells developed Featured

An international team of researchers from Great Britain, China, and Germany with the participation of Prof. Heiner Niemann from the Hannover Medical School (MHH) succeeded in breeding an even more efficient type of stem cell from human and pig. It is not only groundbreaking for regenerative medicine. It could be groundbreaking not only for regenerative medicine.

The scientists have successfully developed and bred so-called embryonic stem cell lines with extended potential (EPSC). These cells are different from the previous all-rounders' embryonic stem cell type through its ability to not only produce the embryo itself, but also extraembryonic tissue that surrounds the embryo, building partly the placenta (the trophoblast).

The new cell lines offer various possibilities, not only in the field of regenerative medicine but also e.g. in reproductive and embryotoxicology issues or disease research, where aborted embryos are used today.

The scientists have published their development in Nature Cell Biology.

Original publication:
Xuefei Gao et al (2019). Establishment of porcine and human expanded potential stem cells. Nature Cell Biology 21: 687-699.