Tuesday, 12 February 2019 13:22

Cell culture test shows: tobacco heaters no less harmless than cigarettes Featured

Many people believe that so-called heaters, which only heats nicotine, are not so harmful to health and switch to the new system. A new study from Australian and Indian researchers using lung cell cultures showed that the new smoking alternative is by no means harmless.

They exposed human bronchial epithelial cells in coculture with smooth muscle cells of the bronchial musculature to cigarette smoke, steam from e-cigarettes and e-Liquid as well as an aerosol from IQOS heaters. They introduced the substances into medium-filled cell culture vials in order to treat the cells in different concentrations. Following this, they compared the extent of changes in cytotoxicity, mitochondrial respiration, extracellular matrix and cytokine release. The heaters were similarly unhealthy as normal cigarette smoke.

The scientists presented their study in the journal "ERJ Open Research":
Sukhwinder Singh Sohal, Mathew Suji Eapen, Vegi G.M. Naidu & Pawan Sharma (2019). IQOS exposure impairs human airway cell homeostasis: direct comparison with traditional cigarette and e-cigarette. ERJ Open Res 5: 00159-2018. https://doi.org/10.1183/23120541.00159-2018