Tuesday, 14 November 2017 13:04

European roadmap for organ-on-a-chip technology Featured

A new research consortium is developing a roadmap for further development of organ-on-a-chip technology on behalf of the EU. Under the leadership of the Leiden University Medical Center as well as the Dutch research organisation hDMT (Institute for human Organ and Disease Model Technologies), the participants are conducting research with the aim of establishing a European infrastructure to enable the coordinated development, production and implementation of organ-on-a-chip systems. The consortium is funded by the EU within the framework FET Open and brings together six leading European research institutions, including the German Fraunhofer IGB.

The aim of the consortium is to help organ-on-a-chip technology achieve a breakthrough on a social and economic level through coordinated action. Organ-on-chips are miniature organs based on concepts of microfluidics and microtechnology. This technology already offers new possibilities for drug discovery and is an alternative to conventional animal experiments. Organ-on-chips can also be used in personalised medicine or safety pharmacology. The EU will invest 0.5 million euros over the next two years in the ORgan-on-CHip In Development (ORCHID) project.

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