Tuesday, 17 May 2016 09:14

Hamburg: Award for Research into alternatives to animal experiments Featured

In order to advnace the development of alternative methods to animal testing, the Board of Health and Consumer Protection (BGV) together with the Ministry of Science, Research and Equality (BWFG) have launched a research prize of 20,000 euros.

Health and Consumer Protection Senator, Mrs. Cornelia Examiner Storck and Science Senator, Mrs. Katharina Fegebank want to set incentives to develop alternatives to animal testing in research thus make a contribution to the strengthening of animal protection.

The prize is awarded for outstanding, innovative scientific work, contributing to replace or minimize animal testing. Secondarily, research will also be awarded, which leads to an improvement in the experimental conditions by reduction of pain, suffering or injury or by an improvement of housing conditions of the test animals.

Applications may be universities, university hospitals, non-university research institutions as well as individual Scientists of these facilities located in Germany.

The prize is awarded every two years. The amount of prize money is € 20,000.

Application documents must be submitted by September 30th,2016.

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