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Master thesis project Featured

  • Title: Master thesis project
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Company name: University Hospital Jena, Center for Sepsis Control and Care
  • Address: Am Klinikum 1
  • Zipcode: 07747
  • City: Jena
  • Country: Germany
  • Company Website:
  • Contact person: PD Dr. Ignacio Rubio, PD Dr. Alexander Mosig
  • Contact email: Ignacio.rubio[at] or Alexander.mosig[at]
  • Description:

    Master thesis project

    Research project: TORREG - Role of mTOR-dependent metabolic adaption for macrophage function assessed in a microphysiological model of the liver

    Immune cell adaptation to infection is a critical parameter shaping the host immune response. The plasticity of cells of the innate immune system, in particular, seems to be endless in terms of the multiple cellular fates they can adopt depending on the context. One common theme is that monocytes/macrophages appear to experience metabolic reprogramming controlled by the master metabolic regulator mTORC1 as a requisite of immune adaptive processes. This concept has recently shifted the focus of research to the study of immune cell metabolism.

    The present master project´s aim will be to study the role of mTORC1-dependent metabolic rearrangements in the immune function of macrophages in the context of liver inflammation and dysfunction. To this end monocytes engineered to possess high mTORC1 activity will be tested for their regenerative/protective capacity in a liver organoid fluidic chip model.


  • Qualifications:

    The project will involve genetic, microscopy and cell biological methodologies. Tutorship will be shared by Dr.
    Ignacio Rubio (CMB/CSCC, Jena University Hospital) and Dr. Alexander Mosig (CSCC, Jena University Hospital).


  • How to apply:

    For more information & application contact:

    Ignacio.rubio[at] or Alexander.mosig[at]

  • Vacancies: 1
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